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  • Welcome to Saint John Fisher Parish!

    St. John Fisher Parish of the Archdiocese of Montreal is a welcoming Roman Catholic community that comes together to give glory and praise to God. Located in the quiet residential area of Pointe-Claire, Quebec, the Parish is the place of worship to young families, youth, adults and seniors of many nationalities. 

    Housed within the church building is the Chapel of Eucharistic Adoration open eighteen hours daily.

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    Saint John Fisher Parish has partnered with Canada Helps to offer you a convenient method to donate to the Sunday Collection, Church Maintenance, Helping Others and the Building Fund.  If you would like to make your donation online with a credit card please click on  CanadaHelps.org

  • Holy Eucharist 
    (Mass)  Times

    • Sunday: 9:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN 11:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Tuesday: 9:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Wednesday: 9:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Thursday: 9:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Friday: 9:00 AM EnglishEnglishEN
    • Saturday: 5:00 PM EnglishEnglishEN
  • Sacrament of Reconciliation 

    Takes place after weekday masses or by appointment. For an appointment please call the rectory: 514-695-0205.

  • Fr. Sunny's Homily

    Feb5,2017,V  Ordinary Sunday

    It is said that one evening as the sun was about to set and go under into deep abyss of the night, he shouted out “who will carry my light into the dark night for me?”
    Seemed a firefly stood up and said I shall and thus the little glimpse of shiny light from the firefly that shines out in the dead of darkness… Can you be the firefly?

    Following the Light, implies knowing the Light form the lights as said about the Magi following the Star…

    Being salt of the earth is about 1]identity and,2]about mission
    1.Identity:Today’s Psalm 112 known as the Wisdom psalm and the second reading indicate this identity as being also four attributes of the perfect(wo)man, namely generosity, compassion, justice and fearlessness; and as  St.Paul gently reminds, “depending not on human wisdom but on the power of God,”ICor.2:5

    2.Mission: As pointed out by the first reading  mission is conforming to the Messiah to,  “to share bread with the hungry, shelter the homeless poor, and provide relief to the oppressed.” Is 58:7

    As salt “we are the aroma of Christ,”2 Cor 2:15.
    In short to cite Bishop Prendegast, “Salt  serves as a metaphor, and “the earth” refers to people, And just as salt functions as a preservative, preventing decay and making food tasty, so Jesus’ followers are to keep society wholesome, oppose corruption and penetrate society for good,” Archbishop Terence Predergast,SJ, Living God’s Word: Reflections on the Sunday readings for Year A(Toronto:Novalis,2010),p.50.